Why ISAG ?

Decision support system

You can direct your business anywhere with our advanced mobile decision-making support system.

المنطقة العربيه

Designed for the Arab region

The solutions are designed to meet the needs of the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets

الوصول من أي مكان يمكن تطبيق الحلول في المنشأة, أو على النظم السحابية خاصة أو عامة.

Access from anywhere

The solutions can be applied in the facility, or on private or public cloud systems.


Compliance with standards

The solutions are built on the basis of international standards and industry standards

Best practices

Professional implementation based on industry best practices

ISAG is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian and Arab market in the field of information technology

Our Vision

Employing the best scientific competencies, continuous development, innovation and permanent research towards the best, best and most recent

Our Values

We believe that achieving success means dedication to work without fatigue or interruption, and that continuing success means greater perseverance in dedication

Our Mission

Because we aim to the satisfaction of our customers and achieve their dreams and aspirations and reach the summit always, we are honored to serve you non-stop, and strive with all available capabilities to reach the top in the areas of specialization in order to satisfy customers

Our Goals

Providing help and assistance to our clients in developing their business management methods and taking advantage of technological development to develop and flourish their businesses, trade and companies.

Adapting all our capabilities and skills to use the latest technology in programming and design to give your company the right look for you and your customers.

Providing high quality services that exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

Building long-term relationships with our customers and providing premium quality, high-quality service

Follow-up, development, maintenance and after-sales services.

Integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business


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